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AAFBG is now a member of Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI).

Established in 1987, BGCI offers a global network of botanic gardens around the world for the purpose of plant conservation.  

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2017/10/13 18:22
Wanted! Plants that are missing from botanic garden living collections and seed banks. Do you have them in your collections?

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Pha Tad Ke launches second phase fundraise drive

2017/10/09 21:59

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First BGCI/ArbNet Partnership Programme grants awarded

2017/09/29 02:47
BGCI and ArbNet are delighted to announce the first set of grants awarded in the framework of the BGCI/ArbNet Partnership Programme.

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World’s botanic gardens contain a third of all known plant species, and help protect the most threatened

2017/09/26 00:40
The most in-depth species survey to date finds an “astonishing array” of plant diversity in the global botanic garden network, including 41% of all endangered species.

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Newly published: Red List of U.S. Oaks

2017/09/21 07:30
The Red List of U.S. Oaks report details for the first time the distributions, population trends, and threats facing all 91 native oak species in the U.S.

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Plant species going into the red on the IUCN Red List

2017/09/13 22:30
In today’s IUCN Red List update more plants than ever are listed as threatened with extinction. Some of North America’s ash species that are on the brink of extinction due to an invasive beetle decimating their populations and all the European Sorbus species are now assessed.

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BigPicnic BigNews - Exhibtions

2017/08/22 19:43

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Atlanta Botanical Garden becomes a BGCI Patron Member

2017/08/14 18:16
BGCI is delighted to welcome Atlanta Botanical Garden as a Patron Member. As a Patron, Atlanta Botanical Garden joins a growing number of the world's largest and most influential botanic gardens and will play a key role in guiding BGCI's future programme.

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Reviving the African Botanic Garden Network - Have your say!

2017/08/05 01:05
BGCI has set up a new office in Kenya. One of the aims is to provide more support to botanic gardens across Africa. At 6GBGC we held a meeting about reviving the African Botanic Garden Network. Complete our survey to let us know what the network should offer!

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North American alpine action plan survey

2017/08/03 19:22
BGCI is conducting a survey, on behalf of a growing consortium of gardens and organisations led by Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, to identify gardens that either have significant collections of North American alpine plants or a desire to help with alpine plant conservation.

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Marsh Awards 2017 awarded to Amy Padolf and Kunle Olasupo

2017/07/18 00:36
The Marsh Awards are awarded annually by the Marsh Christian Trust, in partnership with BGCI, in recognition of excellence in International Plant Conservation and Botanic Garden Education. The awards for 2017 were announced at 6GBGC.

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New BGCI / ArbNet partnership agreement signed

2017/07/17 23:26
On 5 July 2017, a BGCI / ArbNet partnership agreement was signed between the South London Botanical Institute in the UK and the Botanic Garden of Rome in Italy

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BGCI's first technical review is now available online

2017/07/14 21:36
BGCI has just published its first technical review on 'Defining the botanic garden and how to measure performance and success'.

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GSCC award winners announced

2017/07/12 20:52
Prizes were awarded at BGCI's 6th Global Botanic Gardens Congress in Geneva to recognise and celebrate the success of gardens that are conserving species through seed banking.

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Thanks Geneva! A great Congress in every respect.

2017/07/04 01:40

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